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sad merlin

A couple, maybe a few years ago now, LiveJournal made some really good UX updates to their friends/reading page and made the whole thing much more readable and usable.

DreamWidth is like the old LiveJournal. Poorly sized, poorly spaced, not well designed. There's a bajillion themes, but I don't have the patience to sift through them to find a diamond in the rough; I basically hate every one I've tried so far, and have had to settle for which one is least annoying.

If anyone knows of a theme that closely replicates the existing LiveJournal reading UI I'd love to see it.

But without that, I find reading LJ unpleasant; it's a bit like going back to cars without power steering, power breaks and air conditioning after being used to modern cars. Sure, I can drive it, but I don't really WANT to.


Earl, at the risk of being smacked around for offering advice you don't want, have you thought about getting a blog on Wordpress.org? They're free. I started off that way but eventually went with a full self-hosted WordPress site because you can do plugins that way. I still have my LJ and Dreamwidth accounts, but everything starts out on Wordpress and then gets synched over there.

The main limitation, of course, is that you don't have a "friends list" that you can just monitor, but you could use newsblur or something to maintain a list of blogs to check.
As a Drupal guy things would be pretty hilarious if I used Wordpress.

But the main reason here is that a bunch of my friends on LJ and now DreamWidth lock their posts. A blog elsewhere won't help that.
Color me embarrassed. I halfway forgot who I was responding to. :)

(Parenthetically, I know almost nothing about Drupal. It simply has never come up in my professional life, which in hindsight seems odd, because we've used just about every other content management system out there at one point in time or another.)
There's some pretty bad ones out there!
As a Drupal guy things would be pretty hilarious if I used Wordpress.

I laughed at this. *thumbs up*